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OldBuilders Hemp House

April 8, 2008

The First completed hemp building in Ireland, Clones, County Monaghan

Owner: Marcus McCabe, environmentalist and proprietor of Ecoflow Reedbeds
Builder/Construction Manager, jointly: The Oldbuilders Company and Eco Habitats
Ecological Consultant: Professor Tom Woolley, of Queens University Belfast
Designer: Henry O'D Thompson of The Oldbuilders Company
Lime mortar Consultant: Ed Byrne, The Traditional Lime Company
Other acknowledgements

This small hemp building is built similar to a standard timber frame house with a mix of hemp shiv and hydraulic lime structured around the timber. Finish is with a Lime rendering inside and out. Such building methods have the ability to be CO2 negative for the construction and result in a healthy breathable energy saving home. This 42 sq meter building is to be used as office space. For further information please contact Eco Habitats on 07842276.