CHTA Membership

Become a member of CHTA and support the growth and development of the hemp industry across Canada. By becoming a member you will have access to the entire CHTA membership, information on the latest research projects, hemp statistics and hemp research findings on hemp nutrition, fibre initiatives and animal feeding trials.

Member benefits include:

  • A common front for effective lobbying on hemp interests
  • Facilitating research needed to advance the sector
  • Industry contacts and networking opportunities
  • Identifying grant and funding opportunities
  • Annual convention and tradeshow
  • Information creation and dissemination
  • Media and promotional work
  • Market leads

Membership Fees and Categories:
The CHTA has two classes of membership – Voting and Non–Voting. The membership year runs from April 1 to March 31. Please note GST is not included in the membership dues.

CHTA Membership Types


Annual RevenueAnnual Membership Dues 
$0–250,000 $200  
$250,000–1M $750  
$1M–$3M $1500 (main membership plus 1 additional employee)  
$3M–$5M $2250 (main membership plus 2 additional employees)  
$5M–$10M $3000 (main membership plus 1 additional employees)  
$10–$20M $5000 (main membership plus 3 additional employees)  
$20M–$100M $7500 (main membership plus 4 additional employees)  
$100M Plus $10,000 (main membership plus 5 additional employees)  
Note: Business members can add additional employees at a cost of $200 per employee.  
Non–Voting Membership  
International $100  
Domestic $100  
Government Representative $100  


**Producers: If you are participating in the CHTA Voluntary Membership Program with a member processor, you are already a CHTA member.

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